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International Shipping


Your package will be shipped to an international freight forwarder in the USA, which then will handle the international leg of the trip. These shippers combine packages from many customers and ship in bulk to destination countries, resulting in significant savings to you. On average, you can expect to pay $25-$55 for your shipment with a freight forwarder instead of $100-$200 with a direct shipper (like UPS, FedEx & USPS). They also handle all the Customs paperwork.


International packages include:

  • 10 N-Class Pure Strain Endler fry:  Fry are shipped because they produce much less waste and consume less oxygen (compared to adult fish) which keeps survival high even with longer international shipping times.
  • International freight packaging:  Reinforced structural support  for the shipping box & a metal can enclosure that the fish bag goes into to reduce crushing by other cargo, damage from air pressure changes during flight, and a heat pack when necessary.
  • Delivery to your door, usually in 5 -9 days:  Note: Heat packs last 72 hrs (3 days), which is only long enough for the domestic leg of the trip. Therefore, temperatures in your country must be between 55°F & 85°F for the fry to survive the trip.
  • Domestic shipping costs:
    • Domestic shipping to international freight forwarder is included in purchase price.
    • Food & plants ordered with an international package ship free (no additional shipping costs).
  • The Live Arrival Guarantee when delivery is within 7 days. The fish are guaranteed to arrive healthy and alive on the first delivery attempt when you (or your representative) are present to take delivery from the mail carrier. Packages received after 7 days (for any reason) are not guaranteed. This is because shipping companies will not guarantee international delivery times or the time through customs. However, packages arrive in good condition within the estimated shipping time 99% of the time (or these shipping companies would not be in business long). Choose the fastest international freight forwarder for your country for best results. In the unlikely event of an issue, send The Endler Shop details of the situation & clear digital photos within an hour of delivery and a refund for losses will be issued. Details of the necessary photos will be in the shipping & tacking notification we send when the package ships.


International packages do NOT include:

  • International shipping costs are not included:  You make payment directly to the international freight forwarder of your choice.


How the Process Works:

  • Step One: Before purchasing an  international package on this site, sign up with one of the international freight forwarders. Choose the shipper with the best rates and quickest delivery times for your country.
  • Step Two: Place your order on this site. During the order check out process include the shipping address & name of the international freight forwarder you signed up with. 
  • Step Three: Once you have completed your purchase, we will contact you with a ship date. You should then notify the freight forwarder of the ship date and provide them the shipping box data (listed below).


NOTE: The freight forwarders rely on you to ship what is legally allowed into your country. If tropical fish are not allowed, it's likely the freight forwarder will not accept the package. Keep in mind, even though you can describe the package contents as you like (i.e. something other than tropical fish), there is a possibility Customs will stop the package if import eligibility is not met (although this seems rare).


Shipping Box Data:

  • Dimensions: 7x6x6 (inches)
  • Weight:  max 2 lbs 
  • Additional Contents: Metal / Tin Can (crush protection) 
  • Packing slip on outside of box will list contents as: "Black Bars- Tin Can" or "Peacocks- Tin Can"  

Colony: 10 Fish (fry) Unsexed 

Grades B / C

Colony: 10 Fish (fry) Unsexed 

Grades B / C

N Class $100

N Class $100

Food & Plants

Endlers Special Blend

Flake Food

Java Moss: $5

1 oz: $10

1/2 oz: $6

2"x2" size portion

Hornwort: $5

Water Trumpet (Crypt): $5

5 Stems

2 Juvenile

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Online Resources

  • For your convenience, a list of popular freight forwarders and approximate rates are provided below. Make your selection from this list or choose a freight forwarder of your own.


  • Shipito :
    • $30 - Canada
    • $44 - Most of Europe & Australia
    • Delivery in 6-10 days
    • Sign up or processing fee: $8.50
  • USAMail1 :
    • $35 - Canada 
    • $50 - Most of Europe
    • $42 - Australia
    • Delivery in 1-3 days
    • Sign up or processing fee: $10
  • Bongo :
    • $44 - Canada
    • $52 - Most of Europe & Australia
    • Delivery in 1-5 days
    • Sign up or processing fee: $5
  • Shop USA :
    • Rates based on content value not weight & box dimensions.
    • Only ships to a handful of European countries.
    • Sign up or processing fee: Free